As a senior reporter for BYU's Daily Universe, I wrote weekly in-depth stories about hard-hitting issues in the community. I reached out to community members, professors, students and business representatives to gain a full understanding and to provide a balanced report on these issues. I had the chance to explore stories that piqued my interest and that were more extensive than stories I had previously had the chance to write for this organization. Below is a selection of stories I wrote while in this position. 

As one of three metro editors for BYU's Daily Universe, I managed eight reporters, edited articles, and created social media content. I also had the opportunity to experiment with new multimedia elements and contribute articles to the organization. 

As a reporter for Capital West News, BYU's The Daily Universe’s legislature affiliate, I spent a great deal of time at the Utah State Capitol. I attended committee hearings, got to know representatives, met with community leaders and reported on issues that had an immediate effect on Utah’s public. Below is a selection of stories I wrote while on this beat.