Kayla Goodson

Journalist, Storyteller, Advocate 

I am a writer driven by an interest in the human experience and the power of storytelling.

I recently graduated from Brigham Young University in Utah, USA, where I studied News Media and French with a minor in International Strategy and Diplomacy.

I first developed a love for journalism when my friends and I gave a “newscast” as part of a class project on Kenya in elementary school. In high school, I found real passion for journalism as I took on the role of news editor and then managing editor of my school paper. At BYU, I came to the realization that this is what I am meant to do — I can have a positive impact on the world through journalism. Now I am setting myself up for a career in foreign correspondence, so I can tell the stories that would not be heard otherwise.

Everyone has a story. I want to be the one to tell it.